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IBE GRU since 1957...

.. Through the commitment, skills and professionalism of all the people that represent it, today our company is a solid and reliable reference point for businesses in the sector.

Specialized in the rental, installation and repair of construction cranes, we have over 180 cranes available in various types:

  • tower crane
  • erecting cranes
  • Luffing jib crane
  • motorized cranes
  • telescopic cranes
  • crane with extendable base for the passage of vehicles and pedestrians

Thanks to the wide range available we are able to meet the needs of all the sites.

Starting from the tower crane to the management of those sites by the impossible spaces for which we propose crane with reduced dimensions (1.30x2.10 m).

Why choose rental equipment from IBE GRU?

  • you have access to the best equipment, always at the top of efficiency
  • there are no maintenance problems and you can count on prompt assistance
  • there are no storage problems
  • you have the chance to try the goods before a possible purchase
  • it reduces the risk of buying unsuitable equipment
  • you can temporarily replace equipment being repaired
  • the rental period is customisable
  • no capital commitment for a purchase and consequently release of financial resources for other uses
  • no depreciation of the asset and total cost control
  • you do not have to depreciate the asset and therefore you do not need to put anything in the company's assets
  • you can deduct all rental fees (including VAT)



Our staff provides an on-site assistance service for any requirement of equipment installation and assembly. The experience of IBE GRU guarantees an irreplaceable specialised support in the various phases of work, both regarding any technical issues and that of logistics.


We guarantee those receiving the IBE GRU equipment, speed in the delivery of the purchases by taking advantage of one of the best transport and logistics systems, accompanied by the valuable work of our team of specialists.


IBE GRU with its staff of experts provides valuable support by providing solutions to both technical problems and those of a regulatory nature. This service also extends to advice on current legislation, making use of the experience gained in the construction industry.


We offer the buyer various and functional maintenance contracts which will safeguard the productivity and effectiveness of our work machines.


Our company is willing to accept customised payment methods chosen by the customer, who will find our staff are always on hand to help during the course of the whole transaction.


We run courses, required by law, for the training of operators responsible for using machines. Our courses start from basic level and conclude with regular refresher courses.


Tower construction cranes, both with elements and self-erecting are subject to periodic checks in order to verify proper operation of the safety systems and the validity of all required documentation. For equipment older than 20 years a twenty-year follow-up report is mandatory.


Cranes and construction equipment rental:

  • Tower and self-erecting construction cranes
  • Mini excavators from 9 to 80 qt.
  • Compact excavators and dumpers
  • Telescopic forklifts
  • Steel/aluminium formwork
  • Alufort skydecks
  • Retaining systems
  • Scaffolding
  • Alarm and video surveillance systems
  • Concrete plant
  • Concrete mixers with reversing gear
  • Accident prevention
  • Laser and optical levels
  • Radio control switches
  • Demolition power tools
  • Coring drilling
  • Small equipment
  • Timber for armour
  • Fall protection lifelines
  • Second-hand on consignment

Rental of cranes and construction equipment is a medium-long term operation increasingly chosen by companies, as it is an ideal solution for those customers who want to pay for using the good and are not interested in its ownership.