Rental of Railings and Fall Protection Systems

Rental of Railings and Fall Protection Systems

In site-specific situations, the choice of temporary parapets or anti-fall systems is an economical alternative to the traditional use of scaffolding.

Ibe Gru offers a wide selection of temporary guardrails for hire, ideal for a variety of needs and suitable for different types of roofing. Our temporary parapets are suitable for flat or slightly inclined roofs up to 10° (Class A), both for roofs with slopes up to 30° (Class B).
Each temporary guardrail model has been subjected to rigorous static and/or dynamic tests in accordance with EN 13374.

Contact us now for more information on renting high quality temporary protection or fall protection systems to ensure maximum safety in your workplace.

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    New and Used Railings and Fall Protection Systems

    Ibe Gru is a reliable destination for the selection of excellent quality temporary railings and fall protection systems. We offer a wide range of temporary protection, both new and used.

    All fall protection systems, temporary guardrails and accessories in our range have been carefully inspected and maintained in optimal conditions to ensure maximum safety.